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Learn a language on the go with our mobile apps

Bring language-learning with you wherever you go with our mobile app

be honest: hard to find the time to sit down at home every day and study a new language. But what if you could take your learning with you?

Learning a language on the go with your phone or tablet provides the flexibility to use those spare minutes of down time riding the bus to work or walking on the treadmill at the gym. By using those few minutes each day to learn a handful of new words and phrases, think of how much you can add to your language repository in just one week!

Speaking of learning on the go, did you know that when your library subscribes to Transparent Language Online, the Transparent Language mobile app is accessible to all users at no additional cost?

Our mobile app is no additional cost with a subscription of Transparent Language Online

This powerful app synchronizes your learning activity with your Transparent Language Online account, giving you freedom to learn online, while also practicing and refreshing on your phone or tablet - or do all of the learning on your device!

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