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QWC Business Social Network's 
Expert Consultant's Community  ( 2010 - )
Eva Szentmiklossy CEO, Co-Founder, Hungary Goran B Edstrom CEO, Co-Founder, Sweden Nancy Anderson CEO, Business Consultant, USA Heiko Closhen CEO, Business & Marketing Consultant, Germany
Wolfgang Radbruch CEO, Languages Professional,  Germany Pawel Natyx CEO, Business Marketing Professional, Poland Istvan Stefan Turo, Media Professional, Serbia Plamen Stoyanov CEO, Business, Marketing Specials, Bulgary
Wallace Johnson CEO, Apollo Testpilot, Business Consultant, USA Andy Cummings CEO, Business Marketing  Consultant, Roy Rewill CEO, Business Marketing Consultant, USA Pauline Tatevossian CEO, Marketing Consultant, USA
Ferenc Matkovics CEO, Business Marketing Consultant, Hungary Lajos Katonka CEO, Marketing, Business, Inlernet Consultant, Hungary Aziz Basry CEO, Home Basis Business Consultant, Morocco Edit Szantai CEO, Travels & Hotel Business Consultant, Hungary


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