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Eva Szentmiklossy CEO - "adminevaceo"

Welcome to QWC Business Social Network !

Copyright(C)2010 - 2017 Eva Szentmiklossy CEO & Goran B Edstrom CEO - Co-Founders of QWC  Business Social Network, (R) All Rights Reserved

Eva Szentmiklossy CEO - "adminevaceo" 

CEO and Co-Founder, owner and webmaster of this community for
QWC Business Social Network and of Quality Web Consultant Team,
living in Budapest, Hungary, Europe

I am Chief Expert Consultant
& CEC in IT in Marketing of

Online Marketing Services from 2003 ,  

Ageless Health, Wellness and LifeStyle from 2006,
QWC Business Social Network owner from 2010 ,

OcPortal website management consultant from 2015.

QWC Business Social Network Community  created for 
Quality Web Consultant Team ( Founded 2010 - ) 
The place of Expert Consultants in several themes. 
We help people worldwide start their own business, be successful.

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article writing, webmastering, taking photographs, consulting, help others to start their own business

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